A videoconferencing platform for powerful experiential events online

  • Seamlessly manage and move between large group activities and smaller breakout groups.
  • Host up to 32 users all on video together
  • Record, play videos, share your screen, and much more!
how it works

This video gives a quick overview of how the platform works.

And here’s a written description:

Using a variety of cutting edge technologies, MoxieMeet lets up to thirty-two people join in one video chat, break out into multiple private video chats, come back together, and do it all over again.

Here’s what it’s like inside an event:

When the event starts, you’ll automatically move from the Waiting Room to the Main Room. Once in the Main Room, whoever speaks gets the largest “floor” video, or a facilitator can lock any user to the floor.

When it’s time to break out into smaller groups, you’ll see the list of breakout groups appear. After everyone selects a breakout, your breakout group will open —- you can think of this as a “new room”.

These breakouts have two primary views: focus (like Google Hangouts) and tile (all videos the same size). Video feeds can be reordered by drag and drop in either view.

When the main room re-opens, you’ll see it appear on the left side of the screen. You can close your breakout group by clicking the hang up button, and you’ll re-join everyone in the main room.


Main room

  • Supports up to thirty-two people – all on video together
  • Participants choose their own breakouts
  • Recording
  • Screenshare
  • Play movies directly from YouTube, Vimeo, or custom link
  • Individual user controls for mic, camera, video quality, full screen mode
  • Group chat
  • “Floor” user, with a larger video feed

Breakout groups

  • Create any number of breakouts
  • Each breakout individually customized – from two to eight people
  • Video voiceover to receive instructions from facilitators
  • “Raise hand” button to ask for help
  • Individual user controls for mic, camera, full screen mode.
  • Individual view selection (tile view: all the same size, focus view: featured video plus filmstrip)
  • Drag and drop reordering of video feeds
  • Private chat for each breakout

Facilitator controls

  • Audio/video mute/unmute, refresh/reload/kick any user
  • “Lock” a user to the main room floor
  • Create/rename/delete individual breakouts
  • Create multiple breakouts from pre-defined templates
  • Video voiceover to give instructions to all breakouts at once
  • Send written messages to all breakouts
  • “Peek” into an individual breakout
  • Join any breakout to help
  • Kick individual users from a breakout
  • Kick all users from a breakout
  • Quick hover to see a list of users in a breakout
  • User list speaking indicators
  • User list markers of which users are currently in a breakout
  • Hover over user list to see facilitator/participant count
  • Lock event to prevent new users from joining
  • Recording (main room only)
  • Screen share (main room only)
  • Download/manage/play videos directly from YouTube and Vimeo, or custom videos in most popular formats (main room only)

Additional features

  • Waiting room for users who show up for an event early
  • Send written messages to the waiting room
  • Split screen mode which allows the main room to be open, and individual users to remain in their breakout
  • Keyboard shortcuts for most common actions
  • Invite additional users as a facilitator for your events
How does MoxieMeet work?
See how it works.
How is this different from Microsoft Zoom, Google Hangouts, etc?
MoxieMeet provides powerful tools not found in most general videoconferencing solutions. These other services primarily cater to the most common use for videoconferencing – putting people together in one place for a single meeting. Our platform focuses on a specific use case: groups that need to move back and forth between a large single group, and multiple smaller “breakout” groups.
It’s perfect for online courses, personal growth workshops, and interactive peer-based education. We know because we created it for our own relational meditation practice community, tailoring each feature to the needs and desires of real people using it every day for over two years.
Can I use your platform in place of other videoconferencing solutions?
You can! And, it’s really best suited for the needs described above. If your need is simply to hold an online meeting as a single group, there are other freely available videoconferencing solutions that will get the job done.
Does the platform work on mobile devices?
Yes! The platform works on most Android devices and any iPad/iPod/iPhone running the most recent version of iOS.
How much does it cost?
We currently have two pricing models:
  • A complete white label installation, meant for organizations that have a need for a dedicated solution. You’ll want this if you imagine running dozens of events a month.
  • Scheduled individual events at a set hourly rate.
For pricing on these models, please contact us.
Is it easy to use?
We like to think so, and we’ve road-tested it with hundreds of users on every continent except Antarctica. :) As long as your technology meets the requirements, accessing and using the platform as both a facilitator and an attendee is very straightforward. We’ve had many technophobes get online and have great experiences through our platform.
Who built MoxieMeet?
The platform grew out of the work to build CircleAnywhere, the world’s first online community for a relational meditation practice called Circling. Since its inception, we’ve hosted over 3000 events using this technology.

For support, or if you’d like more information about MoxieMeet, including pricing, please contact us using the form below.